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The Ressu PTA strives to support and build a stimulating environment in which every student can experience success and enjoy learning.  The PTA relies on donations and Ressu spirit merchandise sales to fund teaching resources and enrichment activities that the City of Helsinki budget does not, for example:

  • Equipment such as headphones, story cubes, portable privacy desktop screens, and sports equipment for the Afternoon Clubs

  • Financial support for the 6A and 6B school camp

  • Grants for 9th grades (Savoy theatre trip) and 7th grades (Docpoint Festival)

  • A visit to Finland by U.K.-Nigerian rap artist BREIS, for performances for 2B, grades 4-9 and three workshops for grades 7-9 students on rap and self-expression.

  • Field trips, sports day, cooking materials


The PTA also regularly organizes events with educational and financial purposes:

  • Meet the Teachers

  • Ressu Fest

  • Teachers Breakfast

  • Christmas Café

  • Aptitude (Language) Test Day Café 

  • Winter Sports Day – field trip to Peuramaa.

  • Exhibition Day Café – to support MYP and PYP students exhibiting their projects

  • New Parent Orientation

  • Smiley Awards and Ressu Spirit Grants

  • Ressu PTA purchases and sponsors Smiley statues and diplomas.  Ressu Spirit Grants (50 euros each) are given to two pupils (one from MYP, the other for PYP).

Donations to the Ressu PTA go directly back into resources for the school and the children!

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